I put your property in front of more potential buyers worldwide than anyone else.

Are you ready to take your home selling journey to new heights? Picture this: by listing your home with LaTasha McDowell, the captivating new host of “Selling Tallahassee,” you’re not just entering the market – you’re stepping onto a grand stage where millions of engaged viewers eagerly await. With a staggering 10,000,000 monthly video views, your property will be showcased to an expansive audience that’s hungry for top-tier real estate.

But that’s not all. LaTasha’s digital presence is a force to be reckoned with, boasting an impressive combined following of 300,000 followers across various social media platforms. When you choose LaTasha, you’re unleashing the power of her extensive reach, ensuring that your listed properties bask in the limelight and achieve maximum visibility.

What’s the secret behind LaTasha’s success? It’s her undeniable influence as a social media maven. With over 221k weekly views, she’s not just a realtor; she’s a trendsetter who has the ability to turn heads and capture the attention of potential buyers. Your listed homes won’t just be properties on the market – they’ll be center stage, commanding the spotlight and garnering interest from eager buyers.

Guiding you through this exciting journey is LaTasha’s seasoned expertise in the real estate market. With her deep understanding of the local landscape, she becomes your trusted partner, offering insights and guidance that can make all the difference in achieving the best possible outcomes.

And here’s where the magic of networking comes into play. As the new host of “Selling Tallahassee,” LaTasha has forged strong connections within the real estate community. This means that by listing with her, you’re gaining access to a vast network of potential buyers and fellow real estate professionals. Your property won’t just find a buyer; it’ll find the perfect match, thanks to the web of relationships LaTasha has carefully woven.

So, if you’re ready to turn your property into a sensation, choose LaTasha McDowell as your partner in this exciting journey. With her, your home isn’t just listed – it’s destined to shine in the spotlight and make a lasting impression.
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Awards & Certifications

- Top Sales Agent 5 Years Running

LaTasha’s dedication to her clients and unmatched negotiation skills have earned her this prestigious award for five consecutive years. She gets you the best deals, period!

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